Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kissies for Skye

Sometimes Cassie just got give kissies to Skye and while Skye is more than happy to lick her face, she's not always in love with the kissing back...but she's cute!

Skye spent the day with a friends dog... It was a long day for the both of them... She spent the first hours very worried about Snickers... barking and such... And Snickers is so nice, wasn't sure what the issue was... after a few hours, she grabbed Snickers leash and tugged her around - but each time  Snickers so much as looked at her, she ran for the hills, scared to pieces.  Neither of them really knew what to make of each other.. Big Dog day was not such a success as in the became life long friends, but the exposure to such a nice dog was good for Skye I think...
Thanks for the visit Snickers! Sorry for all the noise!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nom Nom!

Skye is in full teething mode and I think she might even have loose tooth or two... So gnawing on a bone is not only tasty but good for her to do too...

Love the last picture with her little squint - she was really enjoying herself!

On other news - she is pretty worried about the vacuum cleaner.. She hides when it come out and had to be coaxed to come back to the living room when it sat turned off... Tried coaxing her little dog blueberry treats... nope... but beef liver treats... then she was willing, so I threw treats by the vacuum and she was more than happy to snatch them up... It will take some time and patience to get her use to the vacuum cleaner but I'm going to work on it with her...

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Sleepy Skye - she sure loves to snuggle under the covers whenever she can
She's a great snuggler!

She gets a little annoyed if you disturb her nap time

Her ear come up all the time while sleeping and we have seen a few ear pops here and there...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bully for me!

Skye sure is coming out of her shell without her brother.  She now comes to us for attention and to check in... She loves playing with us and sure wishes Sasha would play with her too...

She finally got a bath and she doesn't so much mind the water, but the noise of the faucet makes her nervous.  She doesn't mind the nail clipping though! 

I thought to end her week on Sunday night (and so I could watch Dexter and Breaking Bad without interruptions)- a bully stick is in order! Chew on little one!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lazy Sundays

Quiet weekend - kind of icky weather so Skye spent the weekend playing with her toys!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Skye is a huge fan of the tail teaser and fast too!  Her latest move, hard to capture on camera is to grab it and roll all over it.... She loves to catch it and rattie shake it and gnaw on it..she will run after it, jump on it, hang on to it... she also tries to take it away!  It's even made it out the doggie door once when it wasn't put away!

(Sasha in the background was busy gnawing on a bone and couldn't be bothered with this puppy nonsense as I'm sure she would call it)

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Lure of the Tennis Ball

Skye came to this on her own - she's a natural born fetcher with a love of the tennis ball (that's almost as big as her head!).  She must have been watching my Sasha and figured it out!

She can now jump on the couch, chair and bed all by herself when she wants too, but she sure likes to use you as a ladder if she can, so nail trimming is a must!  :) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Single Skye

Skye's first weekend without her brother.  While now there is a lower energy in the house, I am seeing Skye become more playful with us, which is great.  She is now coming to me out for some play time. 

She's a gentle player.. She will tug on a toy, chase and pounce at your hands (her fave) and offcourse enjoy a good chin scratching and belly rubbins!  I got most of these by rubbing her belly!  I say she likes it!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sissy and Sawyer Update

Sissy is adjusting well with her new some.  Gwinn reports " She's so darling and well-behaved and has charmed everyone she's met.  Especially me!"

I'm sure Sissy knows whats a lucky pup she is and happy that her new mom found her so quickly! They are just a perfect pair!

Sawyer went home last night and look how quickly he has settled in with his new parents and fur-brother Oli! He got to go on a walk with Oli and lots of playtime.  And nothing better than  nibbling on noses too!   Good times ahead for him!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chew Time!

We've got lots of toys for the teething puppies - bones, teething toys.  It keeps them busy and they like it... I would say Skye is more of the serious chewer and can settle for good periods of time getting her chew on..

 Sawyer likes to chew toys too, but he also just wants whatever his sister has!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sneaky or Sleepy

So Sawyer was doing his FIRST under the covers I thought... When I took a peek - turns out he had found some paper to chew on!  However, even though I took the paper away (no fair), he still stayed snuggled under the blanket for a snooze (could be cause his sister was napping on top of the blanket and HIM, but works for me!)
So since he got caught be naughty - here is a picture of him in a lovely scarf !  
I think he looks dapper!
Skye was all about sleeping on top of her brother yesterday... look at those long legs! 

Both Skye and Sawyer are doing well - all healed up from their speuters, house training is coming along and as long as they have reminders both are doing really well.  They have good appetites and I feel like they have grown quite a bit since last week.   We are starting to see an occasional ear up or two from both of them for a few seconds here and there... very exciting!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Runway!

So since Sawyer is heading home soon..  I figured this was our last chance...

TUTU time!  

It might not be right to some, but he kind of rocks his pink/purple tutu!

Little Skye got her self a fancy dress to wear too.  She was pretty cute and tried to help her brother out by chew and trying to take off his tutu, which was nice of her by his standards!

 He look like some kind of tulle-dinosaur! A tullasoraus!

 It didn't last long, just long enough for a photo shoot and then we were done with the clothes...but I soudl see either of them wearing a fancy sweater or two when the weather turns colder!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Play, Fight or Bark - too many choices!

Skye isn't sure what to make of our cat (Sarah).  Sarah mostly hangs out in Cassie's room where we have a baby gate up so she has a free safe space that she can always go to anyway from the dogs. 
In this video, Cassie is in there playing with Sarah and the puppies want to watch.  Skye wants to do a little barking, but they get distracted and play with each other too. Hysterical!  My favorite part - synchronized tail for it!

We are working with Skye and her barking at the cat by taking her in, playing and giving treats around Sarah so she can see that kitty cats are not anything she needs to be worried about.. Sawyer has gone in there too, but he's not really interested in the cat at all - more interested in her FOOD! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sawyer's Adopted!

Sweet Sawyer has been adopted!  He's getting an older fur-brother and playmate named Oli and a cat too!  He will be living life on the west side of the mountains with his new parents who just fell in love with him when they met him.  Life is getting ready to change for him but in good ways!  Happy journeys little silly Sawyer!