Friday, August 23, 2013

Vet Time!!!

To the siblings to the vet today... This was their second visit - the first being just to get their weight.

Skye was the first up.  She was nervous with the vet but was doing well until we got to her ears.. She's got a little infection going on in her ears!  It made her cry a bit, looking in there but I don't blame her.  Next was the DHPP booster.. She did good..for about 15 seconds with no reaction and then had a little delayed crying meltdown  but calmed back down after about 1/2 a minute

Of course big brother Sawyer was watching and so he too, cried a little during the ear check (they are fine), paused after his shots, then cried too for about 1/2 minute, just to not be outdone by his sister.  Such drama queens.  But once the shock of the shot was over, they were fine.  They walked out of there just fine, happy and tails wagging!  They enjoyed meeting some people in the lobby while I was checking out just being their cute selfs.

Sawyer with little laser eyes

 Skye is getting medicine for her ear and she'll be all better in no time.   Their backs are a bit tender from where the shot was so gentle holding and kisses for today.   They also gained some weight - Skye is at 4.5 (from 3.7) and Sawyer is 5.3 (was at 4.5) so they are growing!  I think it's almost time to loosen Skye's kitty collar too - she might be graduating to a dog collar soon!

 I'm sure they will sleep well tonight!

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