Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time for Puppy Bellies and Paws!

 These puppies are cute.. .They are on and full speed when awake, with Skye the tiny girl, picking on her brother to get some play fights in and he is always game..

 But sometimes he needs some peace.. Here is is taking a much needed rest... (look at those ears!)

 Of course I had to bother and get pictures of puppy feet cause... they are adorable!  I love his tiny little dot on his one paw (Skye has one too)... He slept right through it...   He really likes to hang out with us, spending most his time by us...

Skye will wander around, always checking in, but more independent... She was also first to figure out the doggie door will take her outside and seems to have an idea about pottying outside.. When she came to bother her brother sleeping.. I got her puppy feet pictures and a belly shot! (see her matching dot?)  They have the most adorable little belly spots!

Been working on teaching them the joys of belly rubs and they will even let me put them on their backs on a couch or bed, or even my arms for a belly rub.. It's good stuff!  They were nervous about it when they first got here, but they are learning!

Sissy is coming around when it comes to the puppies.  While she wants to sleep away from them, I caught her giving a couple of play stances with them and some jumping around being silly with them for a couple of minutes... I think she just needs time to get use to them, which we are giving her... (She is also building up to lap sitting, by sitting halfway in my lap.. I'll take it!) Whohoo!

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