Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunbathing for Sissy

Sissy continues to come out of her shell and is getting more and more comfortable... Everytime I am gone for a bit or getting her out of the crate, it's runs and spins for her to let me know she's happy to see me - it's super cute.. One day I will try to get a video :)

She's really difficult to gets pictures of because the camera makes her nervous and makes her ears droop... so I've tried to let off of the camera or keep it further away and not worry her..She deserves to not be worries about things and just relax...

She is a sun dog for sure.. She goes outside, heats up in the sun and then comes back for a cuddle...gets room temperature and heads out for repeat over and over... She also LOVES drinking out of the little wading pool. 

 I'm watching my former foster Skittles for the week.. .They are cute together - about the same size.  No play between the two of them but everyone just gets along and hangs out together...

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  1. Ah shoot! We should have scheduled a play date for Jake and Skittles. Although Jake wasn't very receptive of Sissy... SO WEIRD! I it was cause she growled and Milla and then he stepped in.