Sunday, August 11, 2013

Skye and Sawyer arrive in Yakima!

What a busy couple of days... but the puppies are here and busy making themselves at home and getting to know their new surroundings.  Pretty much they they play, they pee, they poop and they pass out.. all in their very own cuteness!

Lots of visitors to check them out and a trip to the pet store and we are quickly figuring out their personalities.  Get ready for lots of pictures!

 Sawyer - the little boy.. a bit bigger than his sister and he kind of bosses her around.  He's kind of happy go lucky, meets people with little fear, seems easy going.  That is, unless he gets overwhelmed, then it's please hold me, don't let me down, I can't handle it... He did great in the pet store til about 1/2 through, then the nerves got to him so we held him. 

 Skye - she's so tiny, we took her to the pet store for a smaller collar and she has to wear a kitty collar for now!  She's more cautious than Sawyer.  She hangs back until she gets time to get her bearings and then she is raring to go.  She was nervous when we figure got to the pet store, but they end, she was walk in her harness and leash like a champ!


 They are definitely siblings, crawling over each other, bickering, playing eatey face with each other and of course, sleeping on each other!

Both of them got baths and they found that pretty scary, but they sure were smelling good and all soft and furry afterwards.  I"m sure they felt better too! 

I'm sure we will find out more about them in the days to come, but they are pretty fun.  They slept well the first night home in their crate as I'm sure they were exhausted from all the changes!

Last but not least...
Sissy wearing a tutu!  She's not a super fan of the puppies, keeping her distance from them now as she figures them out

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