Monday, August 19, 2013


 Sawyer is pretty kick back... affection and friendly, willing to try new things and enjoys being near people at all times ... He is just willing to go with the flow.  However, he can get scared and /or overwhelmed and then he seeks love and reassurance from his people. (and likes to nibble his own toes)
 Skye on the other hand (with her little masked eyes), is more hesitant and needs to come to people and experiences on her time table, once she is comfortable, she is fearless!  She is a little more independent in nature and very smart. (she figured out the doggie door first)

Like all siblings, animal and human alike - they want what the other has 

Sometimes they share, but most times they want to take...

Skye, while smaller than her brother, is no push over and gets the toy to herself! 

They don't stay angry at each other - time to cuddle together for a snooze!

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  1. Ooooh, those little puppy toes!