Friday, August 16, 2013

Putting the Puppies to Work!!!

 Well socializing is work for them, so the title works!  They actually got to visit my work.  Cassie brought them and while they were whiny in the crates on the way, they had fun exploring and meeting a bunch of new people (and no potties in the office, yeah!).   All the pictures are blurry cause they were busy exploring!

Sawyer got held and gave puppy kisses and a few nibbles!  Skye didn't want to be picked up but she still meet everyone, sniffing and accepting pets.   They were pretty well mannered and I think did fantastic! 

We took all the dogs for a walk in the evening when it was cool - it's very hot (95+degrees) here during the day.. What a crazy walk.. Sasha being bossy and ahead and in a hurry, Sissy, actually having a good time, staying next to me, walking good, Sawyer doing 360 spin moves every so often and Skye deciding occasionally she didn't want to walk at all.. It seems everyone had their own pace so it was kind of crazy... Also, the occasional play fights by the siblings in various yards didn't help either... Hats off to all you multiple dog people!

Sissy stayed home while the puppies went to work and got some peace and quiet.  She continues to do really well.  She will play for a bit with the puppies each morning, then she has had enough of them for the day.  She is also playing really well with me, she even rolled over and asked for a belly rub!  She is just super!  It's nice to see her opening up and becoming more relaxed everyday...

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