Friday, August 9, 2013

Play, Puppies and Peace!

Another video of Sissy and Jace playing... They play every day at least once, sometimes twice.  Jace is really good with her and I have notice is playing with her at her level and doing want she wants.  It's super sweet of him I think!  He is leaving today so she is loosing a playmate, but it was good to have him around for the week for her!  Playtime!

And in exciting news, Sissy is getting two foster siblings!  Puppy siblings no less!  A male (Sawyer) and a girl (Skye) are arrviing on Saturday.   I'm interested in how she is going to be with them, but I really think she will be good to them and enjoy interacting and playing with them.  They are little, about 4lbs, but we are ready for Puppypalooza!  I think!

A total of 6 puppies (from the same litter) are headed up to Washington so check out the other blogs on the right for more puppy action! My little ones are, the boy in the back on the right and the girl in the middle on the left...
Sasha (my personal dog) is going to be mad I brought in crazy puppies, yet again!  I will make it up to her with bully sticks so she can find her happy place, some peace and zone them out!

More on the puppies:  -puppy-rescue-conundrum.html & rescue railroad

Stayed tuned!

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