Friday, August 30, 2013

Pictures versus Sleeping

Puppy Skye and Sawyer are busy recovery from their spay/neuter surgery, plus micro chipping, plus rabies shot that happened this morning - the vet called, all is good and I'm getting ready to go pick them up in an hour or so...
So while they are busy sleeping off the effects and getting some healing done, here is some funny pictures of Sawyer trying to figure out what that thing was that I kept putting in front of his face when he was trying to get a nap in...
( I was just practicing with the front facing camera in my phone)

 Sweet little Skye couldn't be bothered in the least by the camera phone and took a peek and when back to her beauty sleep...  I love it how, with both of the puppies, their little rattie ears stand up when they are sleeping on their sides.. it's cute!

Queen Bee Sasha doesn't mind napping near the puppies - this is the speed she prefers them at! (when did all the dogs take over my couch?)  Skye really wishes Sasha would cuddle her so prefers to be by her (just in case, I think), while Sawyer is hanging out by me..

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