Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Times for Sissy!

Sissy is slowing beginning to trust us - she comes to us for affection and to play.  She doesn't like to be picked up, that's pretty scary for her, but she is more than up for a snuggle next to you.  

We currently have a guest dog, Jase.  I wondered how he would do with Sissy.. He's calm, with very good dog manners and before long Sissy was playing with him!  She's a little goofy in play, but he doens't mind a bit, and it's now a daily thing with these two.. It's pretty cute and great to see Sissy relax and have some fun!  I also saw her grab a toy for a good nibble.. I think Jase is good for her, letting her relax and get some energy out.  Check out her video here... Sissy Plays

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