Friday, August 30, 2013

Pictures versus Sleeping

Puppy Skye and Sawyer are busy recovery from their spay/neuter surgery, plus micro chipping, plus rabies shot that happened this morning - the vet called, all is good and I'm getting ready to go pick them up in an hour or so...
So while they are busy sleeping off the effects and getting some healing done, here is some funny pictures of Sawyer trying to figure out what that thing was that I kept putting in front of his face when he was trying to get a nap in...
( I was just practicing with the front facing camera in my phone)

 Sweet little Skye couldn't be bothered in the least by the camera phone and took a peek and when back to her beauty sleep...  I love it how, with both of the puppies, their little rattie ears stand up when they are sleeping on their sides.. it's cute!

Queen Bee Sasha doesn't mind napping near the puppies - this is the speed she prefers them at! (when did all the dogs take over my couch?)  Skye really wishes Sasha would cuddle her so prefers to be by her (just in case, I think), while Sawyer is hanging out by me..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sittin' Skills

 Look at these two and their sitting skills!  I've been working on them to listen to "sit" and they get it!  It took awhile and they can get a little amped up, but they are now starting to "sit"when I ask even without treat.  Such smart puppies!

See that box behind Skye - yeah, they both gnawed on it when I wasn't looking... See the trail of something behind Sawyer - he found a dryer sheet (must have fallen out when I was bringing a pile of clothes to the bedroom) and tore it into tiny pieces! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Puppies are Puppies!

 Look at that little smile on Sissy's face!  It's been hard to get from her when the camera is out and sometimes it's bigger, but on her last day with me, she finally let me document her smile (with ears up no less).  I will miss this little one, but she's headed to the coast with her new mom that is going to love and dote on her every second!

Innocent aren't they?

 Puppies are fun, but you gotta watch them every second!   Found that one or both of them got their chew on my purse strap!  I recognized those tiny teeth marks! 
Sawyer actually came up to me yesterday while I was talking on my cell phone with ear buds and stole the right one right out of my ear!  He didn't get far, but geez!

They are pretty good about not chewing "non-toys" but not perfect.. We have pulled all kinds of things likes string, cords and rugs out of their mouths, giving them a fun toy to chew on instead or even stopping what we are doing and just playing with them.  They love running after the Tail Chaser and catching it!.  It takes time, patience, distraction, positive reinforcement and a watchful eye and you keep the chewed cords and purse straps to a minimum. 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Vet Time!!!

To the siblings to the vet today... This was their second visit - the first being just to get their weight.

Skye was the first up.  She was nervous with the vet but was doing well until we got to her ears.. She's got a little infection going on in her ears!  It made her cry a bit, looking in there but I don't blame her.  Next was the DHPP booster.. She did good..for about 15 seconds with no reaction and then had a little delayed crying meltdown  but calmed back down after about 1/2 a minute

Of course big brother Sawyer was watching and so he too, cried a little during the ear check (they are fine), paused after his shots, then cried too for about 1/2 minute, just to not be outdone by his sister.  Such drama queens.  But once the shock of the shot was over, they were fine.  They walked out of there just fine, happy and tails wagging!  They enjoyed meeting some people in the lobby while I was checking out just being their cute selfs.

Sawyer with little laser eyes

 Skye is getting medicine for her ear and she'll be all better in no time.   Their backs are a bit tender from where the shot was so gentle holding and kisses for today.   They also gained some weight - Skye is at 4.5 (from 3.7) and Sawyer is 5.3 (was at 4.5) so they are growing!  I think it's almost time to loosen Skye's kitty collar too - she might be graduating to a dog collar soon!

 I'm sure they will sleep well tonight!

Interested in Adopting one of the puppies?
check out these posts that give info about the job of raising puppies!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Trip to the Pet Store

Second trip to the big pet store and they did so GREAT!  Walked right into the store with their tiny harness and ready to get their sniffing on... 

They did great and were not nervous at all.    Greeted some people and a small little girl who thought they were adorable (which they so are!).  Sawyer again, being out front and super friendly with Skye just a little more hung back from the greets and working up to it. 

They walked around the whole store and it was such a difference from last week where they were so nervous and shaky. 

Way to go little ones!

Potty training is moving forward.  Skye ahead of her brother but both know to go outside (though they need reminders still) and they certainly know they get treats! 

They are heading to the vets tomorrow for their last booster shot but they have been there before to get weighed so I'm sure they will handle it like champs.  It will be interesting to see how much weight they have gained! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wanna Play?

Look at these adorable little faces?  If they wanted to play, how could you refuse them?  Cassie and I can't, and it turns out, my other foster and newly adopted Sissy, caved and can't help but join in for some good old chasing and barking... 

Sissy and the Puppies 


More Sissy and the Puppies

 Sasha is the last holdout, managing not to be swayed by these adorable little puppies and their antics -  she can be a "fun sponge" too, that is if the playing gets too crazy for her, she will do her slow walk-by and calm the area down from all the fun nonsense!

Monday, August 19, 2013


 Sawyer is pretty kick back... affection and friendly, willing to try new things and enjoys being near people at all times ... He is just willing to go with the flow.  However, he can get scared and /or overwhelmed and then he seeks love and reassurance from his people. (and likes to nibble his own toes)
 Skye on the other hand (with her little masked eyes), is more hesitant and needs to come to people and experiences on her time table, once she is comfortable, she is fearless!  She is a little more independent in nature and very smart. (she figured out the doggie door first)

Like all siblings, animal and human alike - they want what the other has 

Sometimes they share, but most times they want to take...

Skye, while smaller than her brother, is no push over and gets the toy to herself! 

They don't stay angry at each other - time to cuddle together for a snooze!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Adopted

It happened fast for me!  Little 3 year Sissy has found herself her person - or her person found her!  She is going to be living on the coast, gets walks into town and plenty of dog friends to play or just hang out with!  She may not know it now , but she will figure out quickly enough that she really has hit the jackpot! 

She'll be heading to her new life next weekend and I'm happy to have a final week with her to tell her all about her new life!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Putting the Puppies to Work!!!

 Well socializing is work for them, so the title works!  They actually got to visit my work.  Cassie brought them and while they were whiny in the crates on the way, they had fun exploring and meeting a bunch of new people (and no potties in the office, yeah!).   All the pictures are blurry cause they were busy exploring!

Sawyer got held and gave puppy kisses and a few nibbles!  Skye didn't want to be picked up but she still meet everyone, sniffing and accepting pets.   They were pretty well mannered and I think did fantastic! 

We took all the dogs for a walk in the evening when it was cool - it's very hot (95+degrees) here during the day.. What a crazy walk.. Sasha being bossy and ahead and in a hurry, Sissy, actually having a good time, staying next to me, walking good, Sawyer doing 360 spin moves every so often and Skye deciding occasionally she didn't want to walk at all.. It seems everyone had their own pace so it was kind of crazy... Also, the occasional play fights by the siblings in various yards didn't help either... Hats off to all you multiple dog people!

Sissy stayed home while the puppies went to work and got some peace and quiet.  She continues to do really well.  She will play for a bit with the puppies each morning, then she has had enough of them for the day.  She is also playing really well with me, she even rolled over and asked for a belly rub!  She is just super!  It's nice to see her opening up and becoming more relaxed everyday...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time for Puppy Bellies and Paws!

 These puppies are cute.. .They are on and full speed when awake, with Skye the tiny girl, picking on her brother to get some play fights in and he is always game..

 But sometimes he needs some peace.. Here is is taking a much needed rest... (look at those ears!)

 Of course I had to bother and get pictures of puppy feet cause... they are adorable!  I love his tiny little dot on his one paw (Skye has one too)... He slept right through it...   He really likes to hang out with us, spending most his time by us...

Skye will wander around, always checking in, but more independent... She was also first to figure out the doggie door will take her outside and seems to have an idea about pottying outside.. When she came to bother her brother sleeping.. I got her puppy feet pictures and a belly shot! (see her matching dot?)  They have the most adorable little belly spots!

Been working on teaching them the joys of belly rubs and they will even let me put them on their backs on a couch or bed, or even my arms for a belly rub.. It's good stuff!  They were nervous about it when they first got here, but they are learning!

Sissy is coming around when it comes to the puppies.  While she wants to sleep away from them, I caught her giving a couple of play stances with them and some jumping around being silly with them for a couple of minutes... I think she just needs time to get use to them, which we are giving her... (She is also building up to lap sitting, by sitting halfway in my lap.. I'll take it!) Whohoo!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making BIG friends

 Took the siblings over to Ambers to meet their dogs - they were nervous, but quickly figured out there was nothing to be nervous off!  Skye definitely the braver letting all three dogs kind of surround her for some sniffs!

Once every one became un-interested in each other, time for them to have a play fight... 

The kisses for people!

 And good snuggles! (This is more of Sawyers speed)

They did great.. it was a lot to take in but they enjoyed themselves, pottied outside twice and got some tasty treats in the process!

A quick trip to the vet for a weigh in shows that Skye is a whopping 3.7 lbs and her brother is  coming in a 4.10 lbs!  Grow Grow Grow!