Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sissy is here!

So Sprite met her new people today and got to know her new fur siblings and she's off to start her new life!

And right after that Sissy arrived...She is itty bitty but CUTE... she's scared and nervous and will take a few days to settle in I think...

First was a bath.. she did not like but she liked the drying off and cuddles afterwards... She's house trained already so it was just a matter of showing her the door but I don't know yet if she knows about a doggie door but it will come in time!

 In a couple of days, I hope to see that tail and ears up!  She's really super soft too, I just had to hold back the urge to cuddle and love on her.  She likes me to pet her but gets nervous if you pick her up so it's just quiet and slow with her until she figures out this is a safe place

And lots of naps!

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