Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silly Sleeper

So Sprite is settling into the routine of the household... She is very sweet with a little goofiness too.. A perfect combo I say!  She also is such the silly sleeper.  it doesn't look comfortable to me but she seems to enjoy sleeping on her back with her feet up! 

Her housetraining is coming along and she is using the doggie door on her own and running back in full speed to collect her treat!

She needs to work on her manners a bit with dogs and cats... She wants to be friends so bad that she doesn't always listen or pay attention to them saying no.  She finally got herself a smack by the neighbors cat for getting to close, going nose to nose with him and that seemed to catch her attention.  She didn't growl but instead backed away from him and mellowing out...

She also has gone on a few walks and does great on her leash.. She enjoys wandering the neighborhood and seeing the sights... She's an active little girl and she's very interested in learning new thing!

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