Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Settling In...

Sissy is settling in... She's quite the shy one and still is not quite sure of us, but it's coming along bit by bit.  She does get excited when I get home doing little wiggles for me...

She does know how to use the doggie door and last night she went into the crate for bedtime by herself... She's mellow, likes to play but with your hands and give them licks. I've not found a toy yet that sparks an interest in her but I'm working on it..

A little shy when eating, a little slow, I feed her in a different room from Sasha.. otherwise Sasha finishes her food first and then stares at Siissy's food.. That doesn't help anything... :)
Ears at half-mast  - we are getting there!

Sasha likes the speed of Sissy... One that likes to take lots of naps!  

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