Sunday, July 28, 2013

RattieFest 2013 Fun!

Rattiefest was fun... And while sometime Sissy was a little nervous, for the most part she had fun, got lots of attention and lots of cuddles... I carried her around a bit in a front backpack which she really enjoyed... Now she is hard asleep....Busy day for her for sure!

We took her the 'bobbing for hotdogs' game which she was a natural! 

Lots of fun things to sniff in the dog park!
quick butt sniffs to say hi

always good smells in the grass!
ahh..airplane ears!
 Lots of adopters came and it was good to see them all.. I didn't manage to get pictures of everyone (Sharkey and Mina :( ), but everyone looked great and looked like they were having so much fun!

Aela (Sidney) sure has grown up!  She was adopted in January.  Inquisitive and active, I hear she has new found love of tennis shoes!  Hopefully that won't last long!

 Jake (Sammy) was in his element - he was busy checking on and playing with all the other dogs... From the look of him now, it's hard to believe he was this scared, sick and dirty dog that I first fostered..Now it's been nearly a year with his new people and he is doing great!

 Skittles... He is just a darling... He also won the Biggest Loser NW Rattie Edition which is super for him!  He also did great with all the people and dogs around... He's learning things are not so scary and he doesn't have to bark at everything thanks to the work him and his mom do!!

Solo (Shorty) came too - he sure has grown up from when he was adopted in December!  He looks great and filled out.. He loves his people and really settled in fast with them.  He also had a blast in the dog corral and even let me throw his frisbee a few times for him!

A busy and fun event - it was good weather and I know a lot of dogs that are sleeping well tonight!  (and people too!)  Lots of money was raised for the transportation fund and the medical fund for our PNW dogs which is super and lots of people won great amazing things at the raffle too (myself included!).  For me and Cassie, it was great to see so many people that we don't normally get to see, living far away over Eastern Washington. 

See ya next year!

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  1. We had a great time with Jake and Milla! What an awesome experience. Jake did manage to catch up with Sharky aka Sheldon. He instantly remembered him and they had romp on the hilly lawn and Milla even joined in. Out of all the dogs she met I could tell she really liked Sharky.