Thursday, July 4, 2013

PlayTime is All Day!

Sprite has learned the doggie door, her housetraining is coming along and I would say she is almost housetrained, but sometimes needs little nudges to go outside... She's not a fan of the dark so she likes the company I think..

She is busy, loves to play with her toys and has figured out where the toy box is and likes to empty it, find a toy she likes, walk it all over the house in her mouth and then shake it to pieces, drop it and then move on to the next one. Fun to watch but I spend a lot of my time putting toys away, she spends her time bringing them back out!  She also will play tug with you but will then want to play with you and not the toy!
She also had brought in bark from outside, tried to eat a tea candle and likes to gnaw on dead plants (but not the live ones!), bringing them to her dog bed for a tasty snack..yumm - so you got to keep an eye what she's finding outside! 

she LOVES to find the sunspot to heat up in and take a nap! 
She is really good natured, happy and affectionate... she is just a little love bug!

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