Monday, July 29, 2013

Long day for Sissy!

Car Ride home from RattieFest yesterday... Skittles came too and they are both so tiny, they fit in the booster seat together... They got along fine and just snoozed for the  most part of the trip... Sissy did way better on the way home... on the way TO Bellevue she threw up, but to be fair, she had just eaten and she gets a little nervous in new situations so it was more my bad I think than hers... On the way home, she was quiet, sleeping and kept her lunch!  We stopped halfway for a visit with my dad and she was happy to get out of the car I think.. she spent 5 hours in total just riding in the car!

 She did a lot of resting and today, catching up from her busy Sunday!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

RattieFest 2013 Fun!

Rattiefest was fun... And while sometime Sissy was a little nervous, for the most part she had fun, got lots of attention and lots of cuddles... I carried her around a bit in a front backpack which she really enjoyed... Now she is hard asleep....Busy day for her for sure!

We took her the 'bobbing for hotdogs' game which she was a natural! 

Lots of fun things to sniff in the dog park!
quick butt sniffs to say hi

always good smells in the grass!
ahh..airplane ears!
 Lots of adopters came and it was good to see them all.. I didn't manage to get pictures of everyone (Sharkey and Mina :( ), but everyone looked great and looked like they were having so much fun!

Aela (Sidney) sure has grown up!  She was adopted in January.  Inquisitive and active, I hear she has new found love of tennis shoes!  Hopefully that won't last long!

 Jake (Sammy) was in his element - he was busy checking on and playing with all the other dogs... From the look of him now, it's hard to believe he was this scared, sick and dirty dog that I first fostered..Now it's been nearly a year with his new people and he is doing great!

 Skittles... He is just a darling... He also won the Biggest Loser NW Rattie Edition which is super for him!  He also did great with all the people and dogs around... He's learning things are not so scary and he doesn't have to bark at everything thanks to the work him and his mom do!!

Solo (Shorty) came too - he sure has grown up from when he was adopted in December!  He looks great and filled out.. He loves his people and really settled in fast with them.  He also had a blast in the dog corral and even let me throw his frisbee a few times for him!

A busy and fun event - it was good weather and I know a lot of dogs that are sleeping well tonight!  (and people too!)  Lots of money was raised for the transportation fund and the medical fund for our PNW dogs which is super and lots of people won great amazing things at the raffle too (myself included!).  For me and Cassie, it was great to see so many people that we don't normally get to see, living far away over Eastern Washington. 

See ya next year!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

RattieFest is Tomorrow!

RattieFest, July 28th!


Join us, the Pacific North West New Rattitude Team  
Sunday July 28th from 1pm-3pm
Robinswood Park 
Address is:

2430 148th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

RSVP HERE if you are on Facebook
Fabulous event for former adopters, volunteers and supporters.  There will also be fun games for the dogs like bobbing for hotdogs and food puzzle games in addition to of course the famous raffle that raises money for the transport costs of getting our rescued dogs to available foster homes - Come See Us!  Bring your Rattie!  We would love to see you!
Former Fosters - doing great! 
Sissy is doing good... timid still but look what she asked for (and I of course obliged!!)  I even got her leg going with a good belly rub!  She has got a great belly!

She has the cutest little swirl of hair right in the middle of her chest
 She just needs patience, love and time to learn that people are safe to be around I think... I'm not sure what her life was like before foster care, but it's made her nervous around people and what they are going to do to her...  I'm happy to be part of showing her the good side of people!   She is also nervous of the camera so it's been harder than some to get good candid photos, but I'm working on it.  :) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Comfy!

Sissy is feeling more comfortable and coming out of her shell a bit... We caught her playing and this seems to be a daily thing for her now.. Its good to see her not so worried and more comfortable in her surroundings... We caught her nibbling on the remote control rubber number pad, so I gave her a rubber toy instead... She seemed to like it and nibbled on that instead for a bit, so that's good!
 Her ears too are not down so much and are either at half mast and sometimes even full up!
She's quite the greeter when you have been gone a bit, she does cute little spins and wiggles to let you know she is happy to see you! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Settling In...

Sissy is settling in... She's quite the shy one and still is not quite sure of us, but it's coming along bit by bit.  She does get excited when I get home doing little wiggles for me...

She does know how to use the doggie door and last night she went into the crate for bedtime by herself... She's mellow, likes to play but with your hands and give them licks. I've not found a toy yet that sparks an interest in her but I'm working on it..

A little shy when eating, a little slow, I feed her in a different room from Sasha.. otherwise Sasha finishes her food first and then stares at Siissy's food.. That doesn't help anything... :)
Ears at half-mast  - we are getting there!

Sasha likes the speed of Sissy... One that likes to take lots of naps!  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

RattieFest, July 28th!

Join us, the Pacific North West New Rattitude Team  
Sunday July 28th from 1pm-3pm
Robinswood Park 
Address is:

2430 148th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

RSVP HERE if you are on Facebook
Fabulous event for former adopters, volunteers and supporters.  There will also be fun games for the dogs like bobbing for hotdogs and food puzzle games in addition to of course the famous raffle that raises money for the transport costs of getting our rescued dogs to available foster homes - Come See Us!  Bring your Rattie!  We would love to see you!
Former Fosters - doing great! 

 Here is Mina (Sabrina) getting along in her new home with her family's chickens! 

Sophie, now Laika, was adopted last year in March - she was a master tennis ball catcher (and shredder) and is doing great down in the TriCities with her dad and fur sibling Boo.  She's got to go camping on the river among lots of other fun things! 

Sebastian - my first foster dog...  My introduction to New Rattitude fostering and a huge part of why I'm still here.  He is doing great on the westside with her person Ryan and enjoys playing with the neighbor dog every chance he gets! - Word is he will be here on Sunday!

and there there is Saul - Adopted in late 2011, I fostered him for a bit until his perfect person was ready and found him.. now he gets to go on regular trips with his person.. She says, his favorite spot is in the front of the window (see above) - Saul and Kelly might be making an appearance!

Sissy is here!

So Sprite met her new people today and got to know her new fur siblings and she's off to start her new life!

And right after that Sissy arrived...She is itty bitty but CUTE... she's scared and nervous and will take a few days to settle in I think...

First was a bath.. she did not like but she liked the drying off and cuddles afterwards... She's house trained already so it was just a matter of showing her the door but I don't know yet if she knows about a doggie door but it will come in time!

 In a couple of days, I hope to see that tail and ears up!  She's really super soft too, I just had to hold back the urge to cuddle and love on her.  She likes me to pet her but gets nervous if you pick her up so it's just quiet and slow with her until she figures out this is a safe place

And lots of naps!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sprite's found a home!

Well it couldn't have happened to a nicer pup... Sprite has found herself a family to call her own.. She's going to have plenty of fur siblings to keep her busy and her mom and dad will be picking her up this Saturday to take her home to Olympia.. It's going to be quiet here without little Sprite here but I couldn't be happier for her!

High 5 from
Sprite, she's excited!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Photo session today with Sprite.. she was being extra cute showing off her teethies!  i just had to get the camera out!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Times

Sprite is enjoying a nice gnaw in the summer sun... Her and Sasha trade this bone back and forth and have quite made a game of stealing it from each other... Sprite usually forgets about it after a time and hides it... Sasha finds it and then when no ones looking (except me sometimes) and takes it back!

 This is Sprites hiding place... On the side on the house in the iris patch - she likes to drag all the toys out here and hang out...

Friday, July 12, 2013


Let's slow this blog down a bit... 

This little girl does love to sleep all crazy... she's got a thing about having her feet in the air

Want a cuddle bug?  Well she certainly is... here she is snoozing with Cassie

and OMG -  regular position sleeping!

She is about 95% housetrained... almost but not quite trustworthy I think... I still give her reminders, but now only in the morning and at night and she uses the doggie door on her own during the day...

She also has the paper fetish and loves to chew on the fast food pop cups and tear them to pieces I have discovered, so those are now thrown immediately away so as not to tempt her...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Dogs are F-U-N

I have a couple of friends who have some bigger dogs that are sweet, nice tolerant but won't let guest dogs take too much advantage of their hospitality and I'm able to expose the foster dogs to them and know that they are safe (all of them)... Tuesday, Sprite got to meet Sadie, Sheriff and Emery

Sprite wasn't sure at first at these bigger dogs, but after a few sniffs, she was ready to play!

First she met some neighborhood kids and it was greets, tail wags and licks to anyone who would let her... She is very sweet and trusting of people and animals... She did however, bypass my friends cat, showing little interest...  Could have been because my neighbors cat gave her a swat when she got too in her face.. If so, good lesson learned!

 Her and Sadie actually exchanged some face licks!  It was sweet... But mostly it was "chase"... Sprite is speedy - only Emery - the blue Weimaraner who is three,  attempted to try and catch her but it was to no avail - but they all had fun running around, and or watching Sprite run around and it sure wore Sprite out who passed out when we got home!


You can see our ride in the background of the first video!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventures in Yakima

Sprite was bored, I was bored, Cassie was bored - so what better to do at 7pm on a Tuesday - take Sprite to the pet store for a little interaction and socialization... I put Sprite in in the dog booster seat, which she did good in, taking in the sights and very interested in all that was outside of the car.. She even flirted with a few people at red lights...

At the petstore, she loved it... She greeted people, walked around exploring, i think she could have spent hours in there... She's a little jumpy on people so you have to watch her and hold her back sometimes, but she loves meeting all the people.  Too soon it was time to go home...

On the way home.. car broke down... all the electrical stuff just quit and the car died... FUN - it's about 80 degrees still, we are down town and it's about 8pm... I start making phone calls - tow truck is on it's way... I get ahold of a friend whose husband is with the Yakima Police Department and he was just leaving work.. yeah!.  He comes to pick us up in his police car  both Cassie and Sprite get (have) to ride in the back seat! 

Sprite staring at freedom from the back of a squad car
This wasn't the trip we had planned, but it ended up okay and Sprite and I ended up over at my friends house and she got to play (and shake off her police car ride) with big dogs - she did great!  blog post about that tomorrow!