Friday, June 7, 2013

The Ears Have It!

So rat terriers are known for their ears... Some are upright, some are down, some are big and some are small... Sabrina has cute little "button' ears...   that being said... She got a thing for her toys with ears and insists on chewing them off!  What is up with that? It doesn't matter to her is they are upright, down, big or small - ALL are chewable to her!

This red dog toy is about to lose his ear or ears!

Why the left ear and not the right? 

 Skittles brought a mouse with him when he was visiting,  Sabrina ate its ears!

She is really loving her crate these days.... She goes in it when she wants to nap, hide a toy or just to chew on an antler in private (without anyone staring at her - umm..sasha!)  and she stays in it at night without the door being closed (though you can close it too and she is fine with that too).   Now she is more than happy to come for a nap or a snuggle under the covers too but just at ease with napping in the crate.

Lots of people have opinions about if they likes crates or not.. My own dog, I never crated except when I first brought her home and was potty training about 8 years ago.  I couldn't wait to have the potty training done so she wouldn't have to be crated.  But through fostering these past two years,  I have learned the positive of crates, not just for potty training and while they are learning the household routine.  It's great to give them safe comfy space that is their own... It's really great when they see their crate as their own little bedroom to keep things, hide things or go to when they are tired or even scared of something.  

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