Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sprite Makes it to Yakima!

Sprite is here!  She is about a year old and super cute!  She's had a busy couple of days being transported up from California, overnight in Seattle and then a nice volunteer Alex met me up in CleElum and then on we went to Yakima!

Considering all the transporting, she is in good spirits and sure enjoyed getting out the crate!  She immediately ran up to everyone, giving kisses and she's a bit of jumper, wanting to be held. 

A bath at home, meeting my dog Sasha and getting to the know the place, she ran around checking everything out and now she is napping!  She is showing herself to be pretty sweet and she sure wants to be buddies with Sasha though she already shown that she is not above stealing a toy if Sasha is not watching.

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