Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sabrina's Weekend Travels

So we bid Skittles a fond farewell as we drove him up to Cle Elum to reunite back with his mom this afternoon.   I sure enjoyed him this past week... It was good to see him and hang out with him!  Sabrina enjoyed him too and even Sasha didn't mind to see this little man back again.

Sabrina is great in the car, both in the crate and in the dog booster seat.  She tolerated a lot of road trips this weekend like a champ - 300 miles at least!  

She is also learning to "sit" and is getting that is gets her a treat!  We are going to continue to work on that :)

Another fun fact.. She likes to nibble her own toenails!  Maybe that means we won't have to clip her nails as often!

 Now how sweet does she look?  LIke an angel I think.  These pictures were from yesterday after the fun trip to see Jake and Milla... Sabrina was so worn out from all the playing!

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