Saturday, June 1, 2013

Road Trip and Meeting Old Friends!

What a busy day!  Down to Pasco to visit a former foster Sammy, now Jake and his sibling, who was another NR foster Chevette, now Milla.  Jake and Milla are doing so great and are best buds.  Jake is the big brother and Milla follows his lead, but he is also a push over for Milla and plays with her whenever she wants.  They are adorable together.  It was good to see Jake.  He's so confident these days and you can tell he is home.  Milla, a little shyer of the two, has gotten so big and once she had time to take in the new visitors, she came out of her shell and was quick to join in all the play.

Milla with her two ear poses, folded back and dropped.  Mom says sometimes an ear goes up but usually they are down.

Gary was quite the dog whisperer.. 

Sabrina was quite enamored with him and visited him often. 

 Skittles too, came by regularly to visit and get pets from him!

Of course Jake and Milla had to get their pets in too!

 All the dogs had lots of fun chasing each other and doing rattie runs.   I think they good have gone on for hours more... Jake and Sabrina had a lot of interaction and play by themselves but at various times some or all of them got in on the action.   was a beautiful day and they had a big yard and just enjoyed the weather and playing...   Mostly Skittles held back preferring lap time, but even he had to join in for a few chases and rattie runs and of course got some back rubbing in on the grass in... I do think that Jake and Skittles (who were my former fosters at the same time for quite a few months) recognized each other since Skittles had no problems interacting with them from the moment we arrived.  It was cute seeing them together again and seeing how they have both gained so much confidence in themselves.  Yeah for their people!  I couldn't be happier for them.

 While Skittles was a bit of a whiner on the trip down (took about an hour), he immediately crashed out in the booster seat on the trip home and not a peep out of him for the whoe trip back.  Sabrina, while quiet on the trip down and back, was so tired that when we got home, she didn't want to come out of the crate, preferring to continue her nap!

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