Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ms. Cone

Poor Sabrina - a trip to the vet today... a little owie where she was healing from her spay (3 months ago) just kept opening up... A search for a left behind stitch that didn't dissolve, irrigation and some antibiotics and she is back on the road to recovery... However, she will be Ms. Cone for the next week while her owie heals up... 

She did great though - body wiggles and offers of kisses to anyone who got near her.  One young woman gave her lots of head and neck scratches and she was in love with that!

While she didn't enjoy the vet messing around with the owie, not a peep out of her and her tail barely stopped wagging the whole time.  He even offered the vet a kiss!
Sabrina at the vets
 She was however a bit perturbed at me and wouldn't look at me in her booster seat on the way home.  The vet, the cone, back in the car in the booster seat, she was probably wondering what was next... so foster mom guilt stepped in and I stopped by Starbucks and a coffee for me, a PUP cup for her and we were BFF's once again!

She is doing great... she can use the doggie door and eat with her cone.  I am hoping for a fast recovery now with a clean owie, antibiotic, a cone and no more licking! 

Sabrina Fun Fact:  She nibbles her own toe nails, yes... However, she will also nibble your nails and toenails if you let her!

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