Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting to know Sprite

Getting to know Sprite... 

She has mellowed a bit since bringing her home... I think she built up a lot of energy and being in the crate and it just had to work itself out...

That being said... She does love to play... She will play by herself and she readily found the toybox on her own last night and brought all the toys out one by one to test their play-worthiness.  All were winners for a least a minute in her book!  

She also loves to play with you and isn't super mouthy and enjoys getting the belly rubs.  She  also tried to entice my Sasha last night into play but running at her, getting a growl and then running away..repeat repeat repeat...Sasha is quite tolerant of her when she is calmer, but doesn't like those shenanigans. ;) 

Right now she is napping in my lap, sorta under the laptop.  She slept quite as a peep in her crate last night but happy and excited to get out this morning. 

We have started her on her housetraining and will be working on teaching her the doggie door.

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