Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doggie Door Master

She will snuggle under blankets when it's cold! 

Cassie worked with her on Wed - and guess who mastered the doggie door?  That's right!  SABRINA!  She just needed to be shown a few times how it worked and now she is a doggie door master and can come and go as needed... 

She got a day of beauty also (thanks Cassie!) and got her nails trimmed and a bath with some nice oatmeal shampoo... She's not a fan, but she does okay with both.  She was quite goofy afterwards by rubbing herself all over the place.. especially scooting around on the rug which is hysterical and little does she know, guarantees lots of baths (haha)!  See the below videos for goofy cuteness!

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