Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Savannah and Spot!

Savannah is a bit shy so we thought a trip to our local pet store, Pet Pantry was in order... a small pet store, not such bright lights and a calmer atmosphere...   While a little nervous (good in the car though) once we arrived, she quickly got use to the store and was happy just cruising the aisles and sniffing things...
 And went she met "Spot", one of the employees personal dogs, it was some instant friendship.. She didn't know I was looking, but I caught her licking his face!  He in turn showed off by showing her how he could zoom around all the aisles, making sure she was watching.   They didn't play, but I think given enough time, they would have as they were both just following each other around... i

I got her some tasty Evanger's duck and sweet potato since she is being so anti vegetable for me... It worked, she ate her kibble and a couple of tablespoons of the softer food. 

Her left baby canine is very loose and I expect it will be coming out by the end of the week with  the other following shortly thereafter.. .She is doing very well house training wise - we take her out regularly but she is also going out by herself.  She's also a bit obvious when she needs to go, so it's been easy to remind her and lead her outside.  She's a smart cookie!

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