Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sabrina is here!

Oh she's a sweetie... Quick to come to people for lovin's and to feel safe... We met Alex who kindly drove Sabrina over and his cute little dog at the dog park... She was a little snarky with some of the dogs if she felt like they were getting into her space but I can't blame her, she has had a confusing busy couple of days being transported up from California!  Mostly, she just hung out with the other dogs and would come and check in with all us from time to time...  

Skittles came too and did so super... so much more relaxed in a busy dog park then when I fostered him... he's really come on long way thank to his mom Angela!  He loves to run with the other dogs and then all sun nap just by himself.  So much more confidence!

Once home, intro's to Sasha and a check of the house... It was then time for Sabrina to get a bath and she did pretty good - she was dirty and I'm sure it felt get to get all clean... Rattie runs to dry off and then it was nap time in the sun which is always super!

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