Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meetin' and Greetin'

Savannah got to over to my friends house and meet lots of people and animals. She did great!  She was nervous, but up for quick sniffs, accepted some pets and enjoyed all the new sights and sounds...

Meeting Nate... Ears down, but the tail never stopped wagging!
Meeting Sheriff  and Sadie went very well.. She wasn't nervous at all.  No one played, but they enjoyed hanging out with other and sniffing around and stealing some sniffs of each other!  They are such good mellow dogs and always up to the task for putting my fosters at ease around big dogs and give them a positive experience. 

Next up... Mia!  She loves dogs so too help Savannah, she put on a dog mask and a paper tail... Savannah wasn't too sure about what this person-dog creature was but was willing to check it out!

 Meeting black cat... he was too busy eating to be bothered, but Savannah went up for a sniff and then went about her business...

Taking a break from all the action!
 All and all, she did great.. better than I expected... She hung out with us when we here outside, coming inside when we did.  The only real nervous time was at the end of the visit when my friend tried to pick her up and she was just too nervous and not ready for that, but a couple more visits and I think she would be up for some closer contact with her.. Way to go Savannah!

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