Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeb's is Home

Formally Savannah, now Phoebe aka Feeb's knew she was home when she got to her home with her new family in Canada.  Her family reports that she has quickly settled in, not shown any shyness at all.  She even got to go pick up her human sibling Joel at school and didn't worry or mind about all the kid wanting to pet her.   I think she knows these are her people and she is safe and can relax and take life in stride.  So happy for her!

 Her new family has a cat, who, while we knew Feeb's would be okay, there was some unknown on how their cat would do... Well that adorableness that Feeb's is, she has quickly won her new cat sibling over and cat flirts with her and just loves her!  (who wouldn't!).
 This picture is just too sweet... Bringing these two together makes fostering 
these pups so worth it!

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