Sunday, April 28, 2013

Savannah Arrives...

Sweet Savannah has made it to Yakima... She's about 5 months old, 12 lbs and just a little love bug

She's been through a lot in her young life so yesterday was about cuddles, kisses, scratches, snuggling and a just getting to know you kind of day. 

She's a bit shy and will lower herself flat if things move too fast or are scary for her... However - her tail never stops wagging!  I took her outside for a potty and told her "good potty!" in an excited voice as she was coming towards me and she just stopped and flattened out... poor little thing!  She's sweet though and just follows you around... Meet with Sasha went well, she explored the back yard and got some running in and I think sniffed every inch of the living room - she's even played with a few toys and seems to prefer the ones that don't make noise.

Bathtime - she did pretty good.. you could tell it wasn't her favorite thing and she was just a bit wiggling but I think she enjoyed the warm water and I'm sure she feels better being cleaned up after her trip up from California... She's super soft too.
Dinner time... again, a little hesitant and nervous so I took the kibble out of her dish a bit at a time and spread it on the floor and she did fine., just a little slow. However, she would not eat her GREEN BEANS!  She would pick them up and spit them out away from her dish!  My dog Sasha was happy to get the extra serving :)  We'll see if we can get her to love some vegi's later!

Tired little girl resting up after a busy day!

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