Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hanging out at Sherman Park!

Cassie took Sutton and Sonya to the dog park on Tuesday for some off leash fun.  Most dogs are pretty big but we thought they would do fine and it would be a positive day out for them.

Sonya didn't care too much for the big dogs and preferred getting treats and pets from all the people.  She didn't mind meeting and sniffing them, but was a little growly  if they got to close to Sutton or Cassie.  So, she mainly stuck around all the humans, watched the crazy dogs run around and did fine. 

Sutton did lots of running around, by himself and with the other dogs.  A  little wary of the big dogs too, but he warmed up to them.. He checked in a lot with Cassie and Sonya.  He came home super tired and  one dirty boy! 

So tired after his first dog park adventure!

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