Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So I'm in the kitchen and I can can hear Savannah running around in the living room... Of course, she found a cat toy and decided this was way better than any of the dog toys that are around and it looks like she has a love for feathers!   In the video you can tell she doesn't know her name, but she recognized the words "puppy dog"!  (and there is a brief appearance of my dog Sasha making her very serious walk by).... 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ears to You!

Savannah has great ears!  Tan with dark brown edging and they are super soft... She loves some ear rubs at any time and will never say no... Mostly they are up with a slight tip at the top but she can do all kinds of crazy things with them depending on her mood...

She is also learning to potty outside and has seemed to figure out that she gets a treat for it very quickly!  (though I am learning not to be so excited about it)  She will come up to me after going outside with a full body wiggle, seeming so proud of herself!  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Savannah Arrives...

Sweet Savannah has made it to Yakima... She's about 5 months old, 12 lbs and just a little love bug

She's been through a lot in her young life so yesterday was about cuddles, kisses, scratches, snuggling and a just getting to know you kind of day. 

She's a bit shy and will lower herself flat if things move too fast or are scary for her... However - her tail never stops wagging!  I took her outside for a potty and told her "good potty!" in an excited voice as she was coming towards me and she just stopped and flattened out... poor little thing!  She's sweet though and just follows you around... Meet with Sasha went well, she explored the back yard and got some running in and I think sniffed every inch of the living room - she's even played with a few toys and seems to prefer the ones that don't make noise.

Bathtime - she did pretty good.. you could tell it wasn't her favorite thing and she was just a bit wiggling but I think she enjoyed the warm water and I'm sure she feels better being cleaned up after her trip up from California... She's super soft too.
Dinner time... again, a little hesitant and nervous so I took the kibble out of her dish a bit at a time and spread it on the floor and she did fine., just a little slow. However, she would not eat her GREEN BEANS!  She would pick them up and spit them out away from her dish!  My dog Sasha was happy to get the extra serving :)  We'll see if we can get her to love some vegi's later!

Tired little girl resting up after a busy day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Silver Update!

Little Silver, now Lilly was adopted in January to Lauren and Will... - her new name is a combo of their names which I think is super cute and totally suits her!

She has settled in with her new people and has become quite the daddy's girl and loves to nap on Will's neck! I miss her cute little face, but couldn't be happier for this little one who came to New Rattitude scared, dehydrated and with plugged up ears... She looks so healthy, happy and best of all, home and content!

My Sasha, resting up during our break in foster dogs... Can't blame her!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Savannah is on her way...

Sasha - enjoying some time foster-free for a couple of weeks... she gets lots of well earned mamma time!  I hope she's rests up cause next up around the 26th is a 6 month old puppy we've named Savannah...   She's about 20 lbs already with a little more time to grow - here is a wonderful post about how her and her mom and siblings were rescued by New Rattitude...  a-long-and-precious-rescue-part-one.html
Can't wait to meet her...   She beautiful and likes to sleep in pottery! I think she will be just a hoot!

Until then...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sammy & Saul

Saul - adopted late in 2011 by Kelly over in Seattle is doing great and she send me a picture of how Saul got to spend his Easter - at the beach!  Looking good Saul!  I really enjoyed getting to know Saul and give him a safe place until he and Kelly found each other...

one of my favorite memories of him is how I didn't know he knew how to roll over and discovering he did on accident- he was so cute and it was so fun to see him so readily know a trick! 

And then Sammy (now Jake) down in the TriCities is doing great with his new sibling, Chevette (now Milla), also a New Rattitude dog... His mom captured him in mid - leap! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm Adopted!

Yes, Lovely Sonya has found her self a person to call her own... She is off to meet her new mom today and is off to go live in Seattle and there is lots of fun stuff in store for her...   I'm gonna miss this tender-hearted little one but am so excited for her to start her new amazing life which is what she deserves!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enough with the Pictures!

You would think that Sonya is use to all the picture taking - but no, for whatever reason when I was taking pictures this time, as i got closer, she got all scared of the scary Iphone coming at her.. 


Then she looked annoyed... 
Sorry Sonya!
Belly Scratches to make it better!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Neck Scratching Time!

Sonya loves a good neck scratching whenever she can get it... Cassie's so nice, she lifts up her collar so she can really give her a good neck massage...though I think she likes to make Sonya where her collar on her head too... And it is kind of cute...   Sonya enjoyed it so much she gave Cassie kisses! 

I think that is one happy puppy who enjoyed her neck scratching/massage!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bossy Sonya

Busy day for Sonya on Saturday - She and Sutton went to to the dog park for one last play before Sutton headed home... She was bossy with the other dogs (a couple of bigger Shepard mixes and a beagle) who wanted to come up and meet her (and the beagle wanted to mount her) but once they gave her space she was able to relax a bit and wandered around and not feel the need to be so bossy with them...   She worries I think about the bigger dogs  - though at my friends house who has two very nice Shepard, she does fine and doesn't growl at them, but doesn't play with them and prefers to keep her space...

Later, after they left, her and Sutton wandered around and when two other smaller dogs came in, she warmed up to them quite quicker. and was interested in them. but too soon it was time to go...   Goodbyes were given to Sutton who is on his way to Oregon with a new human sister and family... We will miss him, but a good things are in store for him!

Once back home, Sonya was exhausted from the trip, excitement and play so it was nap time for her... It was nice to snuggle with her and then she wanted to go under the covers for a nice cozy warm sleep!
 Peekaboo!                                                                           Sonya Mound!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Day for Sutton!

Look how happy Sutton is - he's going home with his new family and with his new fancy adult teeth!  We are going to miss this little spunky guy but such good things are in store for him!

Sonya gettin some love from Cassie!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Ever since we got Sonya the bunny fur toy (which she still loves) she has started to also play with the other toys... She even has started to play tug with Sutton!  It's nice to see her get her play on and just have relaxing fun!

I just love her smile and teeth! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hanging out at Sherman Park!

Cassie took Sutton and Sonya to the dog park on Tuesday for some off leash fun.  Most dogs are pretty big but we thought they would do fine and it would be a positive day out for them.

Sonya didn't care too much for the big dogs and preferred getting treats and pets from all the people.  She didn't mind meeting and sniffing them, but was a little growly  if they got to close to Sutton or Cassie.  So, she mainly stuck around all the humans, watched the crazy dogs run around and did fine. 

Sutton did lots of running around, by himself and with the other dogs.  A  little wary of the big dogs too, but he warmed up to them.. He checked in a lot with Cassie and Sonya.  He came home super tired and  one dirty boy! 

So tired after his first dog park adventure!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sutton Says...

I''m adopted!  Little boy, Sutton has found himself a great family down in Bend, Oregon and will be heading home this Saturday!  We will miss this funny puppy, his puppy kisses and snuggles... but so excited for him to start his new happy life!

Also - he is a doggie door, outside potty master!  He's doing really well and uses the door now on his own and as he needs - way to go Sutton!

Cassie took Sutton yesterday to meet a couple of her friends dogs. Nervous about Susie and Dozer who were intent on sniffing him - he looked to Cassie to rescue him!