Friday, March 15, 2013

Woof Woof!

Sutton has gotten "sit" down pat and just loves to show you he's a good sitter for treats.   He will go outside using the doggie door but prefers to go out with someone and doesn't so much enjoying going back in using the doggie flap through if you hold the flap up, he will run inside...

He's pretty sweet, loves to snuggle and sure enjoys playing with his foster sister... he also makes cute groaning noises when he plays.... he will also bark at Sonya if he feels like he's not getting her attention.

Sonya continues to be a good foster sister, playing with Sutton often.  She also likes her space and sometimes she just goes for a nap in the doggie bed all by herself, though she enjoys a good burrow under the blankets too.   Not too much a barker, but she will bark when my own Sasha starts up some barking at various noises around the house... She's a bark-joiner, not a bark instigator!

Big Sonya Yawn!

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