Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sonya Plays!!!

So I've been on a mission to find a toy for Sonya... She just it's really a player with any toys that I have other than those tiny toy mice.  Well, it has been found - thanks to another foster mom, she recommended Dog Dream Toys who makes handmade dog toys... since she like the mouse fur - I thought we would try one made with real fur since nothing else seems to really catch her interest..

This was a great success... She immediately got to sniffing and chasing and playing... Actually, all of the dogs got a little amped over this toy so the other dogs had to go inside while me and Sonya got our first real "play" on...   Everyone eventually got a chance at this toy... I don't think one will be enough...  It make me really happy to see her so happy and playing.  She even played with it by herself (though I supervised just to make sure she doesn't shred it to bits and so far it's holding up :) 

Margorie at Dog Dream Toys was wonderful in making this toy... She asked me questions about what I was trying to get and really went to an effort to help make a toy that would be irresistible for Sonya! It also arrived super fast!

 Sonya and Sutton checking out something in the backyard... She is good with him and his puppy antics and he is learning to be a good listener to her when she has had enough...

Sutton is definitely a puppy, loves to chew things, but learning what not to chew on and sticking to his toy (or any paper he can find).  He does have an off switch though and loves to snuggle and cuddle!

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