Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Partner's in Crime

It's taken five days, but Sonya has finally figured out that Sutton is a friend and a good partner in paper crime...  Both of them have the love of paper chewing and shredding... so when one of them found some scrapbooking scraps on the floor - they were more than happy to share some space to get the chew one....  Sutton tried to look innocent, but that's hard to do with paper handing out of his mouth!

 Then today, they just out right played like maniacs... there antics were so busy, they practically took of my couch cover, but they had a lot of fun... and then they both passed out after about an hour of hard playing...  (and of course, Sasha at the end of video had to come and do her fun sponge routine, cause they were playing so much!)

We are working on getting Sutton on a good potty schedule and it's going okay... accidents happen and Sonya wants to pee where ever he does so we've had to be extra diligent in the potty routine for the both of them... He has started to wander towards the door when he has to go, so he's beginning to get a clue so that's good.   He also uses the pee pad when he's in the x-pen quite regularly. 

Sutton is very sweet, easy going and loves to cuddle and play.  He's super soft and doesn't bite at your hands but is still learning what to chew and what not too.. Seems to really like my laptop to test those teeth on, but is learning and is easily distract able if you just give him a toy to play with.

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