Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doggie Stares...

Love me!  She's trying to hypnotize me with her stares... when it didn't work, she tried an ear lift...she kept going with the ears up and down until I gave in... She's so goofy sweet...
 Belly rubs ensued!

Then it was Sutton's turn!  He's really coming along... He's starting to use the doggie door, he has learned sit and we are working on stay... Often when the other dogs going tearing outside after some noise, Sutton stays behinds for cuddles and one on one attention!

Sonya's belly rubs are over and she is investigating Sutton's toy.. he looks annoyed and like he wants me to help get his toy back!  They actually both ended up nibbling on it until they got to playing with eatch other.. :)

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