Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spay Day!

Scarlett was so happy this morning, she did her army crawl all the way down the hallway... super cute.. made me a little guilty knowing that she was going to the vets and that we won't be seeing her do that again for a bit...

The drop off at the vets went good.. She whined a bit in the crate when she arrived, a little nervous about what was happening. They adored her at the vets though and she's was quite the star... Everyone at the vets commented on how sweet she is and also equally on how tiny she is!  She is now spayed, microchipped and her extra baby canines were removed so she went through a lot!  She was quite the trooper, looking all bright eyed and ready to go home... Once back home we got tail wags when she got to get out of the crate, happy to be back in familiar surroundings...

 She went out an pottied and you could tell she's medicated cause afterwards, she just stood there, looking up and staring at the birds, wandering around, staring up at the sky some more.. and so forth.... so inside we went and she drank a little water and it was a good time for a nap! 

Scarlett had both of her baby canines retained (you can see in the picture to the left, a tiny left over baby tooth that didn't fall out).  It's common and usually removed at the time of spay/neuter surgery.
More information --->  Retained Teeth in Dogs

If they are not removed, food can be caught between the teeth, leading to early decay, tooth loss or gum disease (and stinky breath!). Their bite may be affected, which can in turn, affect their other teeth and gums.

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