Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scarlett Rides into Town

Itty bitty Scarlett arrived today thanks to some New Rattitude volunteers who brought her to me from Seattle, which was so nice!. She is quite tiny - 4-5 lbs, skinny, could use some more weight on her but even still, she will always be a tiny thing.   She was quiet as a peep on the ride over and in my car too.  Okay, a little whining in my car, but it was cute whining :) 

She met my dog, took a walk around the neighborhood, then got to explore the house and backyard (and go potty)...She was happy to be out of the crate, tail all a wagging...  Then it was bath time... Not a fan but a trooper... She did well during her nail clipping too... (thanks Cassie!).  She's got great cute little ticking all over her...

 She liked being all snuggly after her bath, but I've already noticed that when she is unhappy or nervous her ears get horizontal or down... Once all dry and warm... Up the ears came (sorta)

A friend came over and she got some extra snuggles in... She's been through a lot, yesterday, coming up from California, today, going over the pass... Lots of transfers and moving around... so after a quick meal, I thought a snooze under some blankets were in order... She was happy to oblige and snuggled right in for a nap all cozy under the blankets... However, when I peeked under, I got a little attitude UMMM - SLEEPING HERE...then she passed out again...

 I look forward to getting to know her in the coming days!

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