Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Sidney and Serena have mastered the doggie dog with the help of Cassie who really helped them "get it".  Sidney was a little ahead of her sister in figuring it out, but Serena has figured out she gets treats and is much more enthusiastic about getting out there and back for her treat! Last night they both even went out to potty in the light rain/snow, which i s wonderful and I think means they really get it!

Silver enjoys playing with them for sure... though sometimes she needs her space too... They are busy little things...This was suppose to be nap time...

Everyone has had a busy few days... Trips to the pet store...trips to friends houses, meeting cats and dogs and kids, walks and lots of playing!

They were quite a hit at the pet store.. Lot's of ooohs and ahhhhs.  Silver did great too, walking around, not worried or scared and accepted a few pets .. just enjoying checking things out.  The girls liked meeting new people, running up to them (with permission of course) and giving away puppy kisses for free! 

Silver goes home tomorrow to start her new wonderful life so it's time for bathing and a nail trim to get her all prettied up... I will miss her but I am excited for her too!  And I don't care if she doesn't use the sleep sack quite the way it was intended... works for her!

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