Saturday, January 5, 2013

Silly Silver

Learning to play and have fun... This picture was while she was playing with my feet... she has a bit of a foot fetish.  Better yet is her love of the laser light, see Chasing the laser light. 
It's a long video, but she's got a cute little way of jumping after the light... You will also see my Sasha just casually strolling by a few times to make sure things weren't getting out of control.. She's 10 and onto the lure of the laser light and that she can't catch it and won't go for it anymore...:(

Silver can be a bit of a nibbler... right here is when I went OW really loud... and this is the expression she gave me... she did stop the nibbling too!

Her favorite toy... she was playing and it touched Sasha's rear... She wanted it back but wasn't brave enough to get it... Sasha was keeping too close an eye on her shenanigans... (I got it for her)

Another trip to the pet store last night... she did super... she really wants to meet other dogs... she had enough after about 20 minutes and started planting all four feet...I think she might have had to go potty and so wanted to go home... I've not gotten her to potty anywhere (even on walks) but in the backyard potty spots... she likes what she likes, you know?  can't blame a girl!  :)  

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