Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sidney's Adopted!

Sidney too, has hit the jackpot and found herself a fabulous home!  A couple in Seattle will be meeting this sweet little girl on Sunday to take her home and start her new life.  

Cute pictures of Sidney, trying to show off her fabulousness to my dog Sasha (that black spot towards the left of the coffee table)... She tries so hard to get Sasha to love her.... It's not really worked...though Sasha will let them sleep by her and considering Sasha is playing with a cow hoove, I think Sidney's charm was working in her favor...

 My daughter works at a coffee shop and got all the pups "Pup Cups" from work.. (a little whipped cream with a dog treat inside) - it was funny seeing them all with coffee cups stuck on their face... They didn't mind a bit!

The puppies were sure a whirlwind of activity, playing and puppy kisses... I will miss them but look forward to a lower energy in the house too (Sasha agrees!).  They were tons of fun and I know they will bring that fun sweet energy to their new homes and wish them the best!

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