Friday, January 25, 2013

Serena says I'm Adopted!

Well of course it's happened... Serena has been adopted!  She is heading off to live her puppy life in Portand Oregon with a great family including two human brothers!  I will miss her spirit and puppy kisses but know she is in for a fun grand life!   She will be going home on Sunday when I meet her parents over in Seattle.  Best wishes Serena!

Look at her little puppy teeth (fangs) and I had to get a picture of her great puppy feet/foot... She is very tolerant of us messing with her, which is good cause I love puppy feet and hers are really cute - love that little spot on her big pad... :)  

***a problem with Blogger caused my blog to go down for a bit and me to draft the posts with videos in them... it's fixed now and my most recent videos are back up... :)

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