Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Resting up...

Both the girls surgeries and vaccinations went very well this morning... I picked them up today at 3:00 and they were happy to see me and get out of there..

Serena now weighs 7 lbs and Sidney is coming in at 5.1 lbs. so they sure are growing! A quick stop at a friend's house and they were all tails wagging and puppy kisses.  We settled them in for a quick nap while I helped Amber with with some paint choices and then we went home...

Lots of sleeping this afternoon with potty breaks and it seems to be going well.. A little water and food just a bit ago and they are passed out again... It gives me a good excuse to stay in and snuggle under the blankets with them and Sasha even joined us..She likes the puppies at this speed :)  ... Though I have no doubt in a day or two, they will be back to their normal selves! 
Yesterday,  Sidney and Serena in the exercise pen giving me the sad eyes to be let out... Serena has very good, oh please let me out and I will love you forever sad eyes... they are hard to resist!

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