Tuesday, January 15, 2013


They are showing the beginnings of house training though I am keeping them on a regular schedule.. Sidney will go to the door MOST of the time on her own if she needs to go out... She sits in front of the door and will paw at it... She also she did a header into the sliding glass door once..  ouch...but she was fine... I think the doggie door is too heavy for them at this point...
Serena and Sidney sharing the sleep sack... sorta... Sidney (red collar) is the one with the big brown dot on her back..  Serena (pink collar) has a little tiny brown spot in the same place

Tonight included some three way (and two way) tug with the tail chaser... it was pretty cute  - Silver is good with them, she enjoys playing with them for the most part -  though she got a little fiesty over the valuable tail chaser toy, pulling some serious body blocking moves on them...

 But what did they find as the most fun?  Plain toys, fancy toys...no of course not... you can see them just laying on the floor being ignored... just like a kid who would rather play with a box, they somehow found a straw that they thought was the best thing ever... Silver even got into the act... They just loved playing tug with it it and I think would have played with it forever if I let them... Admittedly I did let them play with it a bit but then took it away and exchanged it for tail chaser!

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