Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meeting Friends!

This was how tuckered Silver was last night.. so tired she couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth!

And now Cassie has a posse of four legged "friends" that join her when she eats pizza on the couch - fun times!

Everyone had a busy day today... off we went to my friends house to visits kids, big dogs and kitty cats...

 They explored the backyard, and Silver did some major showing off - doing fast rattie runs all over the yard to show everyone has fast she is... She is fast!
Everyone did super meeting Mia and the big dogs - Sadie and Sherriff... No playing with the bigs dogs, just interest and polite greetings... Sidney is the less fearful of the two (with the bigger spot on her back)... Serena took a bit to warm up, choosing to check out the situation first from a safe lap.. Then she wanted down and was ready... They both immediately took to Mia and gave her lots of puppy kisses - even Silver got in on the action.


 Kitty cat meeting went fine... Sidney and Silver both sniffed and ignored... Serena did a bit of barking, but once she figured out there wasn't going to be any reaction, she moved on... 

A cute picture of Sadie - she stole the girl's little tiny tennis ball..

All and all the three girls did great and they were asleep in the crate before we were out of the driveway!

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