Friday, January 11, 2013

I got an owie!

Silver had an interesting day... A bath this morning for her...she wasn't happy, but she tolerated it.  Sasha and Silver were getting along - they were very interested in something that came in the front yard... Checking the front window, running outside to the back gate, back and again and again...I was like...awww.... a common foe brings them together... (i figured it was a cat.. a lot of cats in my neighborhood and Sasha likes to shoo them off her property and I think they like to taunt her cause she can't get past the gate)

A bit later I noticed that her foot was bleeding - a quick check showed that she broke off part of her middle toenail a bit beyond the quick, it was bleeding quite a bit ... of course I tried to catch her and she ran from me ... probably concerned about my concern...but she is fine... cleaned her foot up, applied some styptic powder to her nail to stop the bleeding and then just wrapped her foot up good... She's tolerating the bandage well though it was time for a nap after that....

Not a peep out of her either...not when she did it or while we cleaned her up... poor thing though, first her ears, now a toe!... a few days and she would be right as rain again.... (she's cute with the little bandaged foot though) - we will see how she handles a bandage change...

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