Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feeling Better!

 Both girls continue to heal from there surgery (Sidney left - Serena right)... Today they have better energy levels and you can tell they feel much better... Serena's seems to be feeling really good cause I've had to catch her a few times from jumping up on the couch... Sidney, a little tinnier, eyes the couch like she wants to jump, but seems to be content to have me lift her up (she's probably just likes me waiting on her)
Cute picture of Sidney from earlier this week... she can be a bit a jumping little thing... Here she was saying.. put the camera down and pick me up.. please please please!  Serena just gives you soulful eyes at you to try to get you to do her bidding...

Now that they are feeling better, I can hopefully get more active (and in focus) photos!

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