Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CCCChanges... (Foster Updates)

So quiet in the house without the puppies or any foster dogs... Sasha is enjoying the peace I think... plus a leftover found bully stick (that I had put up and away and then forgot about) yesterday just made her day!

Serena is busy settling in with her new family down in Oregon.. She even got to meet some chickens that live on the property!  She is keeping her name and getting lots of love and attention.    Sidney too, is busy in Seattle getting to know her new routine and she has a new name... Aela (pronounced ay-lah) which is Gaelic for full of excitement and happiness, which is certainly in store for her!

Sidney in her new home enjoying a good chew!
My next foster dog, Scarlett, is in California where she is waiting in another NR foster home until she can be brought up here... She should arrive on Saturday and I'm excited to meet her!  She's black and white and tiny, at about 5 lbs!

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