Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who Loves SNOW????

Silver is loving the SNOW!  Running and jumping, sticking her face in it... Nice to see how energetic she can be.  She jumps and hops all over - she even tried to get Sasha to play (Sasha declined, bummer)...

Here is a video of her playing ---->  Silver Loves SNOW

She didn't do well on the leash - too nervous, too unsure of where she is going... Cassie ended up carrying her back...


  1. I can't wait to see how Jake reacts to snow, but oh man, I am not looking forward to the when it snows here and Jake's wants to go for a walk! As it is now I feel like a stuffed sausage all bundled up. The first time EVER that I asked for high tech thermal gear for Xmas. Jake gets equally bundled up. I'm even contemplating getting him booties if he'll tolerate them.

  2. haha - I think he will try to eat the snow...and to catch snowflakes... he is going to be adorable!