Friday, December 28, 2012

Up and Away...

Look at this... A sorta up ear... She's laying down, but still... those ears must feel better!  I'm pretty sure she will always have dropped ears, but this was a new sight last night and she did it a few times in her sleep.... plus once it lifted while she was playing too... it's just the left ear going up....for now....

She also is starting to cozy up to my daughter Cassie - took a nap with her and played with her and being a little more trusting...   And tonight when I got home... it was all little jumps, wiggles and spins, she was so happy to see me.  I think she enjoys cleaned up ears!    

We having practiced sit and she's a pro at it so we will be moving on to new things.  I've also been playing with some different toys with her... She liked to chew on things... so I'm going to work on finding her a toy that she really likes.  She watches Sasha play fetch but doesn't really know what do to but I think she would really like it and she does enjoy the occasional taste test of a tennis ball which is a plus for fetching I think.


My last three fosters are doing great as they settle in with their new family.  Skittles visited family with his mom and did great in the new surroundings...  Shorty (Solo) is getting acquainted with his family and new routine and gets to go walking and visiting Mingus and they are good friends.  Jake (Sammy) got spoiled at Christmas with lots of toys and clothes and the presents aren't stopping there... I hear he's got another present coming for the new year!  A fur Sister for Jake!

Skittles or as I think he should be named - Skittleclaus!

Here is Shorty now Solo with NR alum Mingus - bffs?
Dapper Jake (formally Sammy) looking as handsome as ever!

I wish for all my former foster dogs the bestest holidays and 2013 and onward.   How different their lives are now they have their families and are safe, sound. and loved.. Best present a New Rattitude foster mom could have! 

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