Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Bunny

 Silver sure enjoys the snow... Not so much snow on the head (Cassie did it) but she goes out and plays, potties and just checks it out... She seemed happy when we got some fresh snow for her to run around and play in.  Nice to see this little California dog taking the cold weather and snow in stride!
Silver also had a vet check today - I was a little bothered by her hearing or lack of...turns out her ears were all filled up of icky ear gunk... She is a much happy girl with some clean and 100% hearing ears... She walked much better on the leash today, getting out the car, walking in to the vet with no problem (until she got to the exam room and then she was like "Nuh Uh" and of course more than happy to walk out of there and back into the crate in the car.... She seems more confident and happy already... Oh and now gives me dirty looks if I sneeze while she is sleeping - geesh! 
Silver at the vet's office

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